7Sep, 2016

What is Flatback Syndrome?

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What is Flatback Syndrome? By Dr. Samuel Bederman MD, PhD Orange County Spine Specialist When the lower back (lumbar spine) loses its normal swayback curve (lordosis) this can result in FLATBACK DEFORMITY.  The main symptoms of Flatback Deformity are difficulty standing up straight often associated with low back or leg pain.  Typically, these symptoms get worse towards the end of the day as the muscles supporting the back and legs fatigue.  In an attempt to adjust for the Flatback Deformity, patients may extend their hips by rotating the pelvis backwards […]

15Jun, 2016

Is it a Simple Case of Slouching or is it Scheuermann’s Disease?

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Scheuermann’s Disease of the Spine by Samuel Bederman MD, PhD Orange County Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Slouching, hunching forward or rounded back is often considered just poor posture.  In many cases, it is the result of a rarely recognized condition called SCHEUERMANN’S DISEASE.  Similar to Scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Disease is a structural exaggerated forward curvature in children and adolescents that can progress into adulthood. Slouching is often mistaken for poor posture which is flexible and corrects with standing more upright.  Scheuermann’s disease is a structural abnormality that develops during adolescent growth. It […]

8Nov, 2015

Compression Fractures of the Spine- A New Approach

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New Standard of Care for Spine Vertebral Compression Fractures by Greg Carlson, M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship Trained in Spine Surgery Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCF’s) are common problems impacting people with weak bone structure (osteoporosis). Patients often present with severe incapacitating back and leg pain completely unaware of the fragile bone condition that has developed over time. The symptoms often render the patients unable to mobilize or take care of themselves. Bed rest and immobility are often unresponsive to pain medication, bracing and supportive care.  In addition to the […]