6Oct, 2015

The Stiff and Painful Elbow in Combat Athletes

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Dr. Mora has been treating patients who participate in mixed martial arts for over 10 years.  He has taken care of the weekend warrior as well as the professional champion level UFC fighter. He has been a guest blogger on MMA web pages including www.bloodyelbow.com.  In this article he writes about the painful, stiff locking elbow.   I have been seeing more and more young active patients present with painful and stiff elbow joints. The majority of these patients have been heavily involved in the practice of mixed martial arts (MMA).  Most […]

arthritic knee pain
11Jul, 2015

The Treatment of Arthritic Knee Pain- It’s Not Always Easy

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The Treatment of Arthritic Knee Pain- It’s Not Always Easy by Steve A. Mora, MD Orange County Orthopedic Knee Specialist Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center I see patients with arthritic or degenerative knee pain on a daily basis.  Trying to figure out the cause of knee pain is a personal challenge.  I have a special interest in helping folks with arthritic knee pain.  One of the reasons why I am passionate about keeping up with current research regarding arthritis is that I personally have knee pain secondary to a childhood […]